A progressive English-immersion experience for children in Taipei

Early childhood learning community for children ages 3 - 6 years old

Little Seeds Academy is a progressive early childhood learning community for young children located in Xinyi District, Taipei. Our program designs connected learning experiences using progressive pedagogy that incorporates children's interests, fosters creative thinking, self-expression, and English language acquisition using developmentally-appropriate methods for young children.

What they learn

English Language

‍They learn English through a rich mix of role-playing and developmentally-appropriate pre-literacy skill-building activities.

21st Century Skills

We're educating children for the future where collaboration, critical-thinking, and communication skills are important.

Creative Thinking

Children are divergent thinkers by nature. We nurture their creativity at Little Seeds through open-ended creative projects.

How they learn

Project Approach

Young children learn to pose questions and find their own answers in deep, meaningful projects.


Our low child-teacher ratios (8:1) allow our teachers to focus their attention on individual children and small groups.

Experiential Learning

Our children learn by doing through hands-on experiences and then reflecting on the learning.

Education for their imagination

Find out more about Little Seeds Academy

Make an appointment to tour our center and meet us. Call (02) 2723-4173 or email info@littleseeds.com.tw
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