English-immersion learning community for children 3-6
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Meaningful, everyday language learning and more for ages 3-6

What they learn

Our learning community builds language acquisition through storytelling, creative experiences, art, and meaningful projects. We prepare our children with developmentally-appropriate academic skills in English, reading, writing, and art. But we go far beyond these basics. We teach the whole child by also developing social-emotional and self-regulation skills.

English Language Arts

Our children learn English through developmentally-appropriate learning experiences using curriculum and materials designed especially for young children ages 3-6. Through carefully designed activities that foster meaning-making and making connections with prior knowledge, the children learn how to read, write, speak, and listen to English in meaningful contexts.

English language learning
Synthetic phonics

Phonics Approach

We use the synthetic phonics approach which has proven to be most effective for building the foundation for reading and writing. We start first by introducing letter sounds and focus on learning lowercase letters before transitioning to uppercase letters when the children are ready for writing.

Meaningful math, reading, and writing

Our children learn traditionally academic skills in untraditional ways that link these skills to the real world. They learn and practice math concepts through stories and everyday activities. Our teachers encourage authentic reading and writing to enhance their play and practice the skills they’re taught.

Dramatic play
Collaboration skills


In our children's futures, being able to work together to solve problems will be ever more important in their personal and professional lives. We spend a lot of time in our classes to nurture collaborative learning and problem-solving. The work they do becomes that much more special and meaningful because they worked on it together as friends.

Creative-thinking and self-expression through art & making

Children have a lot to say. It's important to us as teachers to give children the chance to express their opinions, to work out their own thoughts through art. We provide a lot of opportunity throughout our program for children to work with materials and bring their imagination to life and sharing it with others in the learning community.

Creative arts

Education for their imagination

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